MyApartmentMap Lets you know whats for Rent in Your Location

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It would be nice if you could walk down the street in a area and say to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice if i could rent a place in this area, let me jump on my mobile device and fire up the app MyApartmentMap to see which apartments are for rent in the general area, the app is available for Android and iOS for more check out MyApartmentMap.

RentSavvy Helps you find a Place in the Right Neighborhood for you

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If your looking for a new place to move to, it may not always be that easy to find, but you can use the service RentSavvy to help you find the right place in the right neighborhood for you, check out the service RentSavvy.

Get your Security Back for an Apartment with a Form

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If your about to rent a new apartment and your wary of putting down the Security deposit don’t worry that much by protecting yourself and draft and “Rental walk through condition form” which protects your security deposit being taken because the landlord doesn’t agree with the condition you left the apartment in, for more on this form, check out this article HERE.


Resources of Wisconsin

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You and someone else or a group of people are moving into a new place and everyone is in a fuss as to what their portion of the rent, bills, etc are going to be, well look no further than this wondering web resource you can use to figure out your split of the rent, HERE.

Rental Resume makes Renting Easier

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This might not have dawned on you, but having a Rental resume or history of your rental past can help you get a new place. Landlords might not be as iffy about you if they know that you have a good rental track record, check out this article for more details on the topic, HERE.

Rent versus Buying

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So your thinking should I be renting a place out or should I be working towards buying a place? This question can have so many factors that drive the ultimate outcome you might need some help, check out this article on some help on the issue with a pretty neat grid, HERE.

Rental Rights!


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So you probably don’t know as someone that rents a place, you are not just subject the the whim of your landlords every command, some things are your right, but you need to know what rights you have, check out this great article that talks about renters rights by state, HERE.

Apartment Hunting Web Resource

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So everyone know that Craigslist is a place where you can find apartments for rent, but what you didn’t know is about their padmapper service which overlays a map of crime in a area, so you don’t end up moving into a gang war zone, or maybe that’s what your looking for, any how check the site out, its free, but it only works for select US cities.

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