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If you wanted to display your resume in a new way that would be accessible from pretty much any modern office or location, then you might want to consider using the service to display a page that could be used as a resume, and it even offers you a download of your resume if you set it up to do so, for more check out the service

Convert your Resume into a Infograph with Vizualize.Me

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If your looking to view your Resume in a new way then you might be interested in the service Vizualize.Me which will take your Linkedin Resume and turn it into a Infograph, for more on this service check out Vizualize.Me.

Zerply Can create your Online Resume For you

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If your looking for a way to create a nice online Resume then you might not need to look further than Zerply which is offering their service to everyone on the web that wants to create a Resume, check out the service Zerply.

Keep track of your Interviews with ApplyMate

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Your just out of college and your sending out your Resume left and right, lining up job interviews every few days, but it can become overwhelming to manage all of that information, and still be prepared, well maybe you can get some help from this great service, ApplyMate.

Forget College or a Resume, work for free to get that Job

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You may think like I have for years that the only way to gain a professional job is to first go for your college education, then internship, create a great resume and you’ll eventually get a job, but perhaps offering your services for free to the right person can land you that job all the same, check out this video with more details on this subject HERE.

Change your Summary Resume into an Executive Resume

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When you are creating your Resume it’s all about presentation and depending on the position perhaps you might want to get rid of the Summary format for an Executive format when setting up your Resume, check out this article with tips on this topic HERE.

Resume Tips

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So I hae post before about the topic, but making a Resume properly will determine how well you do in the job market to a degree, so all the tips and tricks you can use to improve your Resume is important to employ, so check out this article with 10 Tips on Resume making, HERE.

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