Best Days of the Week to Shop Online


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You probably wish you new some insider trick or tip to making purchases of items your looking for online, well check out this article that has the best days of the week to purchase various items or groups of items online, for more check out the article HERE.

Use your Club Card Anonymously with Club Card Shuffle

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If you are hip to the fact that a Club card is really a means to track your purchase activity at a retailer, then you might want to throw them off by using a service such as Club Card Shuffle, which is a service with 19 retailers and willing to add more by email request from users, for more check out the service Club Card Shuffle.

Before you go Grocery shopping check ShopLocal

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If your about to go out to buy a few things but you don’t want to end up checking a million places to make sure your getting the best possible deal, then you might be interested in check out this service that can take a lot of the deal hunting out of your trip and you can go straight to the place that has the best deal by checking ShopLocal first.

How .99, .74, .95 and other Prices Play with your Mind

100-Emon at Kohnoike Higashi Osaka-City

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These .99 cent stores, or items that are .74 cents always seem like a deal but thats because of the price, in fact sometimes it may appear to someone that yeah I just got a deal cause of the .74 price but is it really a deal or a way for stores to get into your head and make a purchase based on the idea your getting some type of bargain, check out this article for more on the issue, HERE.

Shopping at Bulk retailers like BJ’s and Costco the Right Way!

Entrance of a typical Costco warehouse club.

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So you shop at a bulk retailer to save money, but at times the deals in these places makes us want to make bulk purchases of items we don’t really need or items we did not intent on buying, well check out this article that may be able to help the next time you walk into a bulk retailer like Costco or BJ’s, check the article out HERE.

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