Get a Visual RSS experience using Mixtab for Mac

RSS feed example

RSS feed example (Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog)

RSS feeds can be overwhelming with tons of posts, and sometimes you need a client that can display the feeds in a way that you can easily sift through, and perhaps your a visual person, so you might want to give the program Mixtab for Mac a try out.

A Better Google Reader experience in Google Chrome with Google Reader Readable Extension

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If you are a user of Google Reader, at times you might find it a bit cluttered for your liking and wish perhaps you could cut down on the extras that are part of the page your trying to read, and just get a stripped down version that displays what your looking to read, well you can now get this type of functionality by using Google Reader Readable Extension for Google Chrome.

Get your Gmail in a Different Light using the Webapp Fluent

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Perhaps your tired of the current way you see your Gmail account, or perhaps you wish it were in a more to-do format where you can see things that are important that need to be replied to easier, or you like the idea of having a RSS style feed of your Gmail account, either way you might want to try out the service Fluent which will give you a new way to see your Gmail account, for more check out the service Fluent, its currently closed Beta but worth keeping an eye on.

Get your RSS Feed on your Mac with Retickr

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If you need to get your RSS feed on your Mac OS Desktop, you might be wondering if there are any decent free software options out there, and you might want to try Retickr which has recently updated its interface and add a function or two to make it a pretty solid RSS Feed for your Mac OS Desktop, for more check out Retickr.

RRSowl is a News Reader for Linux

Gnome 3 Snapshot

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It may seem hard to find good products for your Linux desktop, but you can take one thing off that list now because if you need a News Reader for your Linux desktop you should strongly consider giving RSSowl a try.

Get RSS Feed notifications in your System Tray with Feed Notifier for Windows

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When it comes to keeping up with an RSS feed you might become overwhelmed with having to log into a RSS reader program or service to view your feed, and you might be better served if you could get pop up notifications in your system tray letting you know what new feeds are coming in, and if this sounds like something you could use for your Windows system then you might want to try the program Feed Notifier.

Get a Tiled RSS View In Google Chrome with FeedSquares

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google chrome
Image by toprankonlinemarketing via Flickr

A RSS feed can become overwhelming if you don’t find some way to manage it, or at least view it differently than one message after another, and to do this in Google Chrome, you can use the FeedSquare Extension on your Google Reader account to get your RSS feed displayed in a Tiled format, for more check out FeedSquare Google Chrome Extension.

Feedly Adds new Views Among Other things

Feedly Logo

Image by imjustcreative via Flickr

When you want to gather all your News or RSS feeds into one place, then you might want to check out the service Feedly that can do this for you, for more check out Feedly.

Have your RSS Feed Read to you with WebTalks for Android

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

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If you are a avid user of RSS feeds to keep you up to date on topics and various information sources then you’ll benefit from the program WebTalks which will literally read your RSS feed to you on your android device, check out WebTalks for Android.

Keep up with your Favorite TV shows with TVRage

Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959

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If you don’t have time to live next to a TV to make sure you catch your favorite shows then you might be interested in the service TVRage which will add your favorite shows to your calendar or RSS feed to remind you when you can take a break and watch some TV, for more check out the service TVRage.

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