Add another Default Search Engine to your iOS Safari Browser

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When you are using an iOS device to do a search in Safari, you might feel limited by the default search engine and perhaps you wish you could add you own default search engine to Safari, well you can, check out this article that goes over the details of the process HERE.

Drag Files from your Desktop into your Dropbox Account

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Perhaps you didn’t know that you can drag a file from your desktop into your Dropbox account using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers, which can be pretty useful if you have one or two files you want to quickly add to your dropbox account for safe keeping, for more check out this article that talks about dragging files to your Dropbox account HERE.

Stop Companies from tracking you on the web with Do Not Track Plus

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If you find yourself afraid of browsing websites these days amid claims that they track what you do and where you go, then you might want to employ a measure to keep your browsing private and one way to do this is to employ the extension or add on Do Not Track Plus to your browser.

Pull to Refresh Feature for Safari/Chrome in Mac OS

One of the cooler features of iOS is to pull to refresh which makes it a bit easier to look at a refreshed feed as opposed to clicking a refresh button, it also gives back albeit a small part of your desktop back because you don’t need a refresh button, So you might want to check out this little tweak you can perform to add the feature to Safari/Chrome by checking out this article HERE.

Add Airplay to Safari With ClickToPlugin

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If your looking to get Airplay playing nice with Safari then you’ll probably want to check out this program called ClickToPlugin.

Atomic Web Browser For iPhone

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Image via CrunchBase

If Safari isn’t your cup of tea and you wish there was a better browser for your iPhone then you might not be that unfortunate because you can now try the Atomic Web Browser which may offer you everything Safari lacks check out more about the software, HERE.

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