Use Lemon Juice as a Salt Substitute when Cooking

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If your cooking a meal and happen to run out of salt did you know you could possibly use Lemon Juice as a substitute, although this doesn’t naturally sound right, check out this article that explains how this works, HERE.

Spicy things up with Flavored Salt

Johnny's Seasoning Salt

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You are always looking for ways to excite your tongue and have your friends mouth water at your dishes when they come over, so why not spicy things up with some flavored salt, not sure what this is and how it will add some taste to your life, well check out this article that breaks down the in’s and out’s of this condiment HERE.

How to use Salt & Seasoning In your Food

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I love salt, although i should slow down with it I never end up find the breaks, but seasoning and salt on food can make or break the meal so understanding how to properly apply these ingredients is important, check out this article that has some tips using these two items with your food, HERE.

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