Google Improves Gmail’s Search Function

English: Gmail logo

English: Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to Searching within your Gmail account you probably didn’t think it might be as good as you thought considering Google is the de facto search engine these days, but you might have been disappointed by the results, but now you can rest a bit easier knowing that Google has improved upon the searches of your Gmail Email’s, for more check out this Official Google Blog Post on the change HERE.

Google Knowledge Graph introduces a Visual Search on the Side

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Sometimes you probably wish you could get a different type of result from a Google Search, one that was more about connecting you with ideas related to your search term, or perhaps to view your search results in a different type of way, well you may be pleased to see Google’s new Google Knowledge Graph that will slowly be rolled out to users, that gives you a new set of results that will appear on the side of your Google Search, for more check out this article HERE.

Looking for a Job, Car, or Local Classifieds try the Service FindTheBest

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When it comes to looking for the best deal and looking in all possible places, you might think a Google Product search or a Craiglist’s classified is the beginning and ending of your search but you would be wrong, you might want to try out the service FindTheBest next time your looking for something.

If you Find Mac OS Spotlight Search Lacking Features you Need, Try iFileX

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One of the features of the Mac OS that is pretty good right off the bat is the Spotlight Search feature which will allow you to search for files on your Mac, but if you need more options with the search you would like to run perhaps you might be better off using the program iFileX for Mac OS.

TinEye client for Windows does Reverse Image Search


Image by Leila__ via Flickr

If you are familiar with the service TinEye then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a Windows Client to the service which allows you to do your Image search within the program without a browser, for those that aren’t aware, TinEye is a service that allows you to reverse search an image to find a match on the web, for more check out the TinEye Client for Windows.

Search for files on Windows 7 with 7Files

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If you do a fair amount of searches on your Windows7 machine then you might benefit from the program 7Files which offers much more than the baked in file search feature of Windows7 for more check out 7Files for Windows7.

Accessing Google Cache Links in New Interface

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Image via CrunchBase

If you have noticed that Google has changed the look of its search page to look a bit more clean, you might ask yourself what happened to the cache link that Google offers of sites in the event that the site is offline, well check out this article that tells you how to get to those cache links again, HERE.

Find out your External IP Address by Searching Google

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If you didn’t know your External IP address and was curious as to what it was, you can now use Google Search of “IP” to get your external IP address, for more check out this article detailing this change, HERE.

Search your Computer from your iOS with X1 Mobile Search

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If you need to search for some files on your desktop computer while your out and about then you might want to check out this program called X1 Mobile Search.

Don’t Organize Emails by Folder, just use Search Function

Mozilla Thunderbird (shown here is version 1.0...

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If you ever spent time managing your inbox by folder for your emails, then you might actually be fighting a losing battle, although you may think you are saving time and keeping things in order, you might be better served by just using the search function in your email client, for more on why this is a better option check out this article HERE.

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