Try the new Schemer service by Google

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Late last year Google began to work on a service called Schemer which is some what of a search engine, but its for specific types of things, lets say how to make cat food out of dog food (Which is just a made up situation, i wouldn’t do this…), you enter that on Schemer and it will try to find a solution to your situation or things that apply to it, sounds confusing? Check out the service yourself to see what is all about, check out Schemer.

Find Images your Looking for with

Lotus Effect

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If your looking for an image and you don’t find Google Image search useful, then you might want to try to service which will take a word from you and shoot you back an image based on that word, sounds exciting, not really, but if you need an image it might be an useful resource, check out

Foreclosure Listing On Google Maps?

Wordmark of Google Maps

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I know Google Maps can be used to see directions to some place in the area you never been to,  you can see street views of places, and so many other wonderful uses for Google Maps but now you can actually check the Foreclosures in a particular area using Google’s Map Service which is crazy, check out this article for more Details HERE.

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