Securely Share your Password with Someone with LastPass

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Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the event that you need to share a password with someone, and you can share it with them physically, then you might need to figure out some electronic way to do this, and to that end you might want to employ LastPass on your mission, for more check out this article that talks about how you can use LastPass to securely share you password HERE.

Taking another Look at your Antivirus Solution

A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security

A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people think its probably enough to find out what A/V products have the best reviews, purchase or obtain a copy, install the program and your protected, but in reality this is far from the truth for so many reasons, the most important being your already insecure in a way by the virtue of you thinking that one A/V product is going to protect you completely, which it may appear to be, but for many reason it might not, perhaps the vendor isn’t aware of a threat, perhaps the vendor has allowed the virus to be installed on your system, for example law enforcement request that spy software that can be viewed as malicious code are allowed to be installed on a users system without their A/V client alerting them to a threat. You may want to re-think your A/V solution and while doing so check out this article that might give you a better understanding of how you can go about securing yourself HERE.

Securely Store your Passwords and other Information with Dashlane

Computer Mania

Computer Mania (Photo credit: Alexandros_)

When it comes to storing your passwords using a program or service, or storing information for web forms, you may or may not use a program to do this for you, and if your looking for a program to do these type of things for you, you might want to check out the program Dashlane for Mac or Windows.


Symantec Releases Beta of Norton Identity

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If you like the idea of a password management program that can store all of your passwords and generate passwords for you, while you just remember one master password, then you might want to check out the program Norton Identity that is in beta, which is a service that will store your passwords in the cloud, where you can access them with your password to the service, for more check out Symantec Norton Identity Beta.

Visual Hashing for Firefox & Chrome Help with Entering Your Password Correctly

Color Scheme 1.0If you get confused when typing in your passwords on websites because of the fact that the characters you type in are hidden after you type the next letter, you can use the addon Visual Hash to give you a visual cue as to weather your password is entered correctly, or if its wrong, it does this with a color scheme, for more checkout Visual Hashing for Mozilla Firefox or Visual Hashing for Google Chrome.

PDroid Privacy Protection helps Curbs Apps Sending your Data To Others


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When it comes to your phone sending publishers and others your personal data you might want to have your say in this process, and now you can with the app PDroid Privacy Protection.

Get Security & Privacy Tips from Google’s “Good To Know” Site

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Image via CrunchBase

If your looking for some basics when it comes to Internet Security and Privacy, tips on how you can protect yourself or avoid being a victim, then you might want to check out a new site Google has put up called, Good To Know.

Safe VPN Solutions for File Sharing

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If you do a fair amount of downloading and want to protect yourself against people that might want to know what your doing, you might want to employ a VPN solution, but it might be hard to choose which service will keep you safe, and not log your activities online, well check out this article that has a listing of VPN solutions built for file Sharers HERE.

Pack those boxes up Securely with QR Codes with Boxmeup Service

street qr code

Image by jp.ubiqua via Flickr

If you have ever packed you things up in boxes then you know that sometimes labeling those boxes can be a problem especially from a security point of view, you wouldn’t want someone to go for your goods based on the fact you labeled what they are, check out this service that can create QR Codes that you can scan later to find out what is in the box, for more, check out the service BoxMeUp.

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