Get Security & Privacy Tips from Google’s “Good To Know” Site

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If your looking for some basics when it comes to Internet Security and Privacy, tips on how you can protect yourself or avoid being a victim, then you might want to check out a new site Google has put up called, Good To Know.

Safe VPN Solutions for File Sharing

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If you do a fair amount of downloading and want to protect yourself against people that might want to know what your doing, you might want to employ a VPN solution, but it might be hard to choose which service will keep you safe, and not log your activities online, well check out this article that has a listing of VPN solutions built for file Sharers HERE.

Pack those boxes up Securely with QR Codes with Boxmeup Service

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If you have ever packed you things up in boxes then you know that sometimes labeling those boxes can be a problem especially from a security point of view, you wouldn’t want someone to go for your goods based on the fact you labeled what they are, check out this service that can create QR Codes that you can scan later to find out what is in the box, for more, check out the service BoxMeUp.

Create Secure Passwords with Wolfram Alpha

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If you have always wanted to have strong passwords that are hard to break, but not sure how to construct one that you will remember, then you might be interested in the service offered by Wolfram Alpha that will help you create a easy to remember strong password, check out the service Wolfram Alpha.

Facebook’s Updated Privacy Settings

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It seems that the people at Facebook have decided to add a few more Privacy controls for their user base to use to control what can and can’t be done on your behalf while on the service, one of the privacy changes concerns the tagging of photos, among other privacy changes, you can find out more about what has change at this post, HERE.

Secure your WordPress Blog

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You have your own WordPress Blog setup but you don’t think it’s secure enough because you don’t know that much about WordPress Blog Security, well upgrade your knowledge by reading this article that has some basic tips that can secure your blog, HERE.

CyberGhost VPN allows for Anonymous Browsering

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When you are in public locations, or at work you don’t really want everyone to know what your doing online, after all we are entitled to a degree of privacy, so to achieve this perhaps you can use the free service CyberGhost VPN.

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