Running Shoe Finder

Running Shoes from Asics

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If you plan to do some running and you need to purchase some shoes, then you might want to check out this great service that can find you the perfect pair of shoes to begin your running exploits, check out the site Running Shoe Finder.

Replace Stock Shoe Laces with Nautical Rope?

Boot with shoelaces, photo taken in Sweden The...

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So don’t you hate when that knot becomes undone, some shoe laces just seem more pron to getting unraveled just cause maybe the lace material just sucks for making knots, well stop getting down on your knees every 10 minutes and replace those laces with nautical rope, sounds nuts, well check out this article that talks about the merits of this project HERE.

These Shoes Can Make You Jump Higher?

National Basketball Association

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I had to post this article about NBA players looking to purchase shoes that can add up to a 30% vertical increase, which is crazy. So i can now purchase shoes that allow me to leap up in the air like never before, it only runs about $300 USD, which for a pair of shoes is outrageous. Check the ESPN article on these shoes here.

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