Add A Personal Shopping Cart and Wish list to Google Chrome with Impulse Extension

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you use your browser or just shop online regularly then you might find it useful if you had a Shopping cart and or Wish list that was part of Google Chrome itself, and you can have this type of functionality by using the Impulse Extension for Google Chrome.

Get a View of eBay using Rummage

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Although the interface of eBay is pretty solid as is, you may be a more visual person and to that end, you might want to have your queries reflect a more visual set of results for you to look through, and this is where you might find the service Rummage useful in the way it will display eBay search results, for more check out Rummage.

Virtually Compare Cameras with Camera Size Service

Mecaflex SLR, circa 1953-1958 http://www.kilfi...

Image via Wikipedia

If your in the market for a new camera, perhaps you would like to do some R&D before you make a final decision, and to that end you are looking to pit one camera against the next to see which one you really want, and the service Camera Size can greatly assist you in this matter, for more check out the service Camera Size.

Forget Paying for an Extended Warranty, try out FreeWarranty

electronics for moodlight

Image by matthewvenn via Flickr

When ever you purchase an electronic device from places like best buy, the sales reps always hit you with getting a warranty, which depending on the device might not be a bad idea, but what if you really aren’t trying to spend that much on a warranty you may or may not ever use, well skip all this by trying out the service FreeWarranty.

Need help with a Tech purchase, Try GetComparisons

Summary from the original uploader: The Generi...

Image via Wikipedia

If your shopping for some new tech device or program then you might want to know which device is better than the next, or perhaps what are the differences with products your interested in, well you might want to use the service GetComparisons to evaluate the products your looking to purchase, check out the service GetComparisons.

Get a Diet, Shopping and Exercise plan from OobaFit

Gonzales, LA, September 16, 2005 - A rescued d...

Image via Wikipedia

If you want to start a new diet and have no clue as to where to start, then you need a plan and Oobafit is here to help you out by assisting you in your planning process, Oobafit can also help you plan for Shopping and Exercising too so check out the service, Oobafit.

Running Shoe Finder

Running Shoes from Asics

Image via Wikipedia

If you plan to do some running and you need to purchase some shoes, then you might want to check out this great service that can find you the perfect pair of shoes to begin your running exploits, check out the site Running Shoe Finder.

Before you go Grocery shopping check ShopLocal

Type A wall box at Deal, Kent being cleared of...

Image via Wikipedia

If your about to go out to buy a few things but you don’t want to end up checking a million places to make sure your getting the best possible deal, then you might be interested in check out this service that can take a lot of the deal hunting out of your trip and you can go straight to the place that has the best deal by checking ShopLocal first.

Lower Your Grocery Bills

The crowdsourcing process in eight steps.

Image via Wikipedia

Your always looking for ways to save, and one of them is when you shop for Groceries, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to save a couple of bucks, well you can after reading this article that talks about Price Matching before you shop, check out more about this, HERE.

Cart Vs. Basket @ Supermarket for Healthier Food Shopping

Standard shopping cart, picture taken at a Weg...

Image via Wikipedia

Using a Cart at the Supermarket might improve your chances of shopping healthier when at the Supermarket by reinforcing the connection with Mind-Body which might seem a bit far out, but check out this article that explains why this may be true, HERE.

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