SMS conversations more honest perhaps than an Actually conversation

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although you might have thought that it would be easier to lie over a Text message or SMS, you would be wrong, actually people are more likely to be honest when they are texting, which might not sound right, after all you figure that a conversation in person would probably reveal more of the truth than an impersonal text message. Check out this study that supports this notion HERE.

Beware of Fake Debit Card Warning SMS/Text message Scam

An SMS message being received

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There have been a new wave of attacks where people get an Text or SMS messages stating that there debit account has been locked, you should totally disregard this message, also it will or might appear as a FW: message which is another sign that this is some type of scam, for more check out this article HERE.

Auto SMS replies for you when your Busy

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If you have an Android device and like to automate things then you’ll love this program that will auto-reply to people with a pre-defined message, or schedule an SMS for later on in the day, check out this great app Auto SMS.

How to Block SMS messages

SMS message received on a Motorola RAZR wirele...

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So your annoyed at the crap SMS text messages your receiving from some random fool, you know longer have any interest in dealing with, well check out this article with a few different solution to blocking SMS text messages, HERE.

Custom Weather Alerts

A woman reading SMS messages on her mobile pho...

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Hopefully your get free SMS text messaging, now with that said, wouldn’t it be cool if your could get weather updates VIA SMS, well you can set this up, just have to know how and where, check out this site to do just that, HERE.

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