Integrate Spotify and GPS apps Into Siri with AssistantLove for Jailbroken iOS Devices

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When it comes to how useful Siri really is, you’ll probably have to have a Jailbroken device, and be prepared to add different functions to Siri so that the service can be more useful to you, and part of the functions you might consider adding to Siri would be to have control over your GPS and Spotify apps using Siri, and you can achieve this if you have a Jailbroken iOS device and willing to install AssistantLove.


Get All your Siri JB Hacks into one place with AssistantExtensions

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If your running a few Siri hacks or you want to be using a few different Siri hacks on your Jailbroken iOS device, then you might want to consider using the program AssistantExensions which will help manage all your Siri hacks in one place and ensure that they don’t conflict with one another and play nice, for more check out AssistantExtensions.

Use Sireet to Tweet on your Jailbroken iOS device

Screenshot iOS 5If you have a Jailbroken iOS device and you wish that Siri could Tweet for you, now you can get this awesome ability by using the program Sireet to tweak Siri into Tweeting for you, for more check out Sireet for Jailbroken iOS devices.

Launch Programs and Toggle Settings with SiriToggle on Jailbroken iPhone 4S

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If you felt that Siri is lacking in features, like the ability to launch an app VIA Siri or to toggle Wifi on or off perhaps is something you wish Siri could do for you, that might be a desire of the past with the creation of SiriToggles for Jailbroken iPhone 4S devices, for more check out SiriToggles.

Add Settings and Battery Levels to Siri Commands

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Wouldn’t it be cool if Siri on your iPhone 4S could telling you your settings or perhaps tell you what your battery level is, well if you have a Jailbroken device, and your willing to tweak it, check out this article HERE.

Want Siri for your iPhone 4, 3GS or Ipod Touch, Try SiriOus

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Many people with older iPhone or iOS devices felt left out on the announcement of Siri which for the most part is a iPhone 4S feature, but you can now add that much wanted feature to your iPhone 4, 3GS or iPod Touch by trying a cousin of Siri called SiriOus, for more check out SiriOus. Being Jailbroken is Required.


Add Custom Commands to Siri with SiriProxy

iPhone 4S 64GB Black をようやく手に入れた。

Image by ayustety via Flickr

When the stock commands of Siri can’t do what you need of the new iOS feature perhaps its time to mess around with Siri and one of the ways you can do this is by check out SiriProxy.

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