Microsoft OneNote for Android Finally Here

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If you have been a user of Microsoft’s OneNote program, and have been wondering when a mobile version of the program would pop up for your Android device, as it already exist for the iOS platform, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now grab a copy of OneNote Mobile for Android.

Windows SkyDrive Live App for iOS

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If your using the Windows SkyDrive Live service which is offering 25GB of cloud storage, then you might want to install the new SkyDrive Live iOS app to access your SkyDrive files from your iOS device, for more check out Windows SkyDrive App for iOS.

SkyDrive App for iPhone and Windows Phone Released

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If you use the cloud storage service SkyDrive then you’ll probably be happy to know that you now have a SkyDrive iPhone and Windows Phoneapp that you can use to upload and access your SkyDrive on the Go, would be nice to see an Android App at some point as well, for more check out the official post regarding these apps release HERE.

EDIT: This is a Windows Phone Dev App, So I’m Not totally sure as to how much functionality you’ll get out the app on the Windows Phone Platform but It’s worth a try!


Windows Live, forget Beta


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So Windows Live Beta is now out of beta and is called “Windows Live” which was a mind blower, thought microsoft would try to change it to a cooler name or something. All jokes aside this collection of programs are actually pretty useful, things like the movie maker are individual specific, but a service such as SkyDrive which offers I think up to 5GB Free Cloud Storage can’t be topped, I currently am attempting to get a Dropbox solution going on with my computers so that all of my day-to-day data is synced across machines but because of the 2 GB limitation on Dropbox, I think I will seriously consider using SkyDrive some how as a place to store my work files. Check out more about Windows Live at the following links:

Windows Live Mesh and Devices Help Center

Windows Live Mesh 2011

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