Send Photos From your Smartphone to your Browser with Bump for Android & iOS Devices

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If your in the market for an app that will easily allow you to share your media with other phones or even now your browser, you might want to consider the app Bump, which just updated to now allow for the transfer of photos from your Mobile device to your browser, for more check out Bump for Android & iOS.

Walk and Text without Crashing on your Android with Transparent Screen

Android 2.1 OS on Google Nexus One

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When your walking down the road and your getting your Text message on, you may end up hurting yourself or someone else because of the fact your vision is probably focused on your smartphone, but if your have an Android device and a camera on it (Rear facing camera is suspect), you can see whats in front of you while you text with the Android program Transparent Screen.

DIY Electronic Charging Station

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If you have tons of electronic devices at your home and your looking to having a charging stations that can handle all your devices from HTC Evo device to your iPhone, iPod touch, for the details on how to build such a station check out this article HERE.

GeekaPhone is a Smartphone Search Engine

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If you ever had to decide on a smartphone purchase, then you know that this can sometimes be a difficult process that is riddled with questions as to what device will fit your needs, well make the process simple by using this great resource that will do the hard work for you, called GeekaPhone.

Add a Solar Power to your Smartphone

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Check out this really cool DIY project where you end up with a Solar panel on your Smartphone that can be used to charge your device in the sun, pretty cool concept, just need to know how to solder, for more details on the project check out this video HERE.

The Downside to Cheaper Android Phones

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Your all set to get a Android phone the next time you upgrade your mobile device but there is a problem called budget, which forces you to look at certain models which might be new but cheaper hardware, check out this article that talks about this situation and some alternatives to purchasing a cheaper android device, HERE.

Smartphone Manners!

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So check out this article by the NYTimes that talks about Smartphone manners, which in some cases probably should be read by some folks out there that just don’t know how to act now that they have a smartphone, check the article out HERE.

iPhone 4 Reception issues, Use a glass cup?

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This has got to be the wildest iPhone trick I have ever heard, and if the reception is that bad on the device you might just need to consider another mobile device, but apparently you can put your iPhone in a glass cup and that should increase your signal, good luck making a phone call out of a glass cup, check this article out for more information on the tip, HERE.

Android Security:Malware in Android Market Apps

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As I have said in a previous post, you need to secure smartphones like the android against Malware attacks and other forms of attack by installing some sort of software, in and android OS case, you have two free options, Lookout and AVG, which will protect you from fraudulent software, check out this article if you need more reason why to protect your device, HERE.

Access your Google Apps from a Windows Phone 7

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So your using a smart phone that running Windows Phone 7 software, and your wondering well how do i get access to all my Google applications since thats what you use for perhaps your web-mail or other services, well check out this article that can give you an idea on how to get down the road of accessing your Google apps, HERE.

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