Secure your iPhone

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.

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Got a iPhone but keep hearing about the security issues popping up with iTunes or the iOS, but the point of a smartphone is to do everything on it? Well if you secure your device you can feel safe doing anything on your device, check this article out on how to better secure your iPhone HERE.

Speed Dial for your iPhone?


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So you have longed to place a few Speed Dial icons on your iPhone home screen area, but never found out how exactly can you do this, or even if its possible, stop thinking about how it works and check out how these folks setup Speed Dial Icons on their iPhone, HERE.

Find Your iPhone For Free


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Check out this great Lifehacker article regarding using a free app to track down your iPhone in the event that it becomes lost in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, check the article out HERE.

iPhone Security, beware!

iPod touch - My PDA.

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As I have told a few of my friends over the last 2 years, the iPhone or Apple for that matter isn’t as secure of a product as you might think. Apple products have had the good fortune in that they are not targeted by hackers because of the relatively lower amount of users on those devices, but as those numbers change so will the attacks on the iOS. The glitch found in the following article is just a design flaw, but as seen with jailbreaks on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch it is clear that apple devices arent secure at all. Check the details on this glitch/exploit here.

Rooting your Android Device

Android Market

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So lately I have been having a little debate with myself, should I go with a Blackberry next march when I will upgrade my mobile device or should I go with an Android based phone. I like the blackberry for the stability, the operating system is also the most secure which is another major plus in my book because I do alot of different things with my mobile device, Also there are now more developed applications for the Android market than their are for the blackberry, so anyhow check this article out on how to Root your Android device so that you can, Unlock the device, or install non-market apps.


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