Need to Wake up Earlier if it Snows? Try Winter Wake-Up For Android & iOS

Snow flake

Image by xJason.Rogersx via Flickr

When it snows and you have to wake up for work, sometimes you wish you new it was snowing in advance so you could set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier so you could give yourself extra commuting time and now you can with the Android or iOS app Winter Wake-Up which will wake you up by a pre-configured time, lets say instead of the alarm going off at 10:30AM it will go off at 10:00AM, for more check out Winter Wake-Up.

Burning to the White Flames of the Sky

Checking out the Snow first hand last night, Nature display was very beautiful, truly Awe inspiring

Driving Tips for Snow / Ice Conditions

Coated in ice, power and telephone lines sag a...

Image via Wikipedia

A lot of crashes and other issues always pop up when a major snow storm hits a major city, part the reason for this is driving conditions become very hazardous, and many drivers are unprepared for the road conditions, and even less prepared for situations that might arise like dealing with Black Ice, check out this Wired article on driving tips for these hazardous conditions, HERE.

WinterProofing Yourself

Coated in ice, power and telephone lines sag a...

Image via Wikipedia

I like the winter, but hate to feel cold, just is a nasty feeling to be cold and outside, so how do you avoid this problem, Prepare! Here is a great article on how to prepare for the winter weather.

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