The Way People Tend To Deal with Email

email logoEmail has been around a solid 15 years now, and it has become part of our day to day life in terms of another medium that we are connected to others with, but you probably don’t understand the science behind how you deal with them, for more on how the average person deals with email, check out this article regarding the Science of Email.

Social Folder Grabs your Social Network Data to Your Desktop

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When it comes to social networks and the data you put on them, you might feel that although you posted a picture or item, you also like to have a copy stored on your local computer, and this is where Social Folder comes handy because it can grab all of your Facebook pics, or Google Docs and store them in a location on your local drive, for more check out Social Folders.

The Complain App for Complaints

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Your on the go and you have just came across the worst customer service in your life and you need the world to know so that not only you but others don’t waste there time in a specific shop or store, well check out the Complain App for you complaint submission needs.

Migrate Facebook Photos to Google+

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If you were lucky enjoy to get a Google+ invite and have been using the Social Network, then it might feel naked without a few pictures, but to upload all of them to Google+ might be a un-needed task, well make it easy by check out this web service, HERE.

Private Social Networking

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You want to have a Social Networking site, but want it to be private, with a select group of people as part of this network without worrying about others finding out or seeing your profiles, then you might want to check out this great Webapp HERE.

Use Twitter to Find Work

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So your on the hunt for employment, well why not tap the power of Twitter to find that new job or at least get you on the path, check out this article on how you can achieve this, HERE.

Facebook Shortcuts

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Don’t feel like moving the mouse? Or perhaps your more comfortable with keystrokes rather than navigating here and there, well check out this collection of Facebook shortcuts that will cut down your need to click away, check the listing HERE.

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