OurSpot offers a Private Social Networking Experience

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If you wish you could have your own Social network for your loved ones or a select group of friends, well you can do just that with the Social networking service OurSpot that allows you to create a Social network for a small group of friends, or even for just 2 people, lets say a couple or team, for more check out the service OurSpot.

Check the Permissions your Social Networking Apps have with MyPermissions

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When it comes to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook you probably have added tons of apps or given other services access to your social networking accounts without really seeing whats going on with these apps, well now you can get a look at all of these apps in one place with the service MyPermissions.

Social Folder Grabs your Social Network Data to Your Desktop

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When it comes to social networks and the data you put on them, you might feel that although you posted a picture or item, you also like to have a copy stored on your local computer, and this is where Social Folder comes handy because it can grab all of your Facebook pics, or Google Docs and store them in a location on your local drive, for more check out Social Folders.

Newest Skype Program Adds Facebook Video Chat Support

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The popular VOIP service Skype has recently updated their software to add Facebook Video chat, so that you can easily chat with your Facebook Friends using Skype, which makes a lot of sense since Skype has done supporting Video chatting for awhile, for more check out the official blog post from Skype on the release HERE.

Google+ Now open to Google App Users

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As Google has opened the doors to its newest Social Networking network Google+ you’ll find that they have further invited the public to join the network by making it easier for existing Google App users to join the Google+ network, for more check out this Google Blog Post HERE.

FBSecure can help control how Facebook works

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Perhaps you are a avid user on Facebook but don’t like the idea of Facebook getting too much information about what you do and who you do it with, then maybe you want to check out this Firefox or Chrome extension that can curb the information Facebook’s attempting to get from your session, with FBSecure.

Private Social Networking

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You want to have a Social Networking site, but want it to be private, with a select group of people as part of this network without worrying about others finding out or seeing your profiles, then you might want to check out this great Webapp HERE.

Diaspora, Open Source Social Networking

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I am always screaming about Open Source products so there was no way I would not mention the appears of Diaspora, which is a Open Source Social Networking Project which pretty cool of an idea, Social Networking that is more free, and under our control, check out more information HERE.

WidgetBlock For Chrome

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This is a new addon for google chrome which allows you to block social networking widgets that are popping up on many blogs including mine, while this is useful for browsing on the go, might not want to do this if chrome your main browser and you still want to stay somewhat social, its not bad to let people know you like a site, like mine =) Check the homepage HERE.

An Adult Guide To Twitter

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So many people hear about twitter and tweeting but they really don’t get it, most think its a think for young people, WRONG, adults probably get more out of twitter than your tweeny or whatever they call teenaged today, check out this guide on how to use twitter as a adult.

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