Replace Androids Share menu with Andmade share

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When it comes to sharing content on your Android device using the share menu option, you probably find it useful sometimes, other times you wish it probably had more to it, and now you can get a more powerful version of the share menu using the Android app Andmade Share.

Facebook’s Hidden Inbox

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

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You would have figured the one inbox you have for messages had everything in regards to inbox messages all in this one place, but you would be wrong because you have a second inbox within your Facebook account that isn’t directly accessible, for more on this inbox and how to access it check out this article HERE.

Find Deals with Tweetalicious

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If your a avid user of Twitter then you might want to be using it to search for deals on goods you are dying to get, and to that end you can now use the service Tweetalicious that will do the searching through your tweets to find deals that most interest you based on the way you setup Tweetalicious, for more check out the service Tweetalicious.

Get Music thats in your Browser with exfm


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If your one of those folks that listen to a song and then if you like it you get it stuck in your mind till you purchase it or buy the rights to re-record the track yourself, you might be interested in the webapp called, exfm.

Manager your Twitter Lists with this Web Service

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Are you a Twitter user that has tried to use the List feature but have given up because it can be overwhelming well perhaps this web service is just the thing you need to help you get your Twitter Lists in order, check out the services homepage, HERE.

Combat Spam on Twitter

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When you use certain words or phrase at times on twitter you can cause yourself to incur a blast of spam, want to avoid that? Well check out this great site that can get you on your way to fighting back against that Twitter spam, check the site out HERE.

Tweet more Securely

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Well its always good to know when your online that your actions aren’t being watched by others, or your information isn’t being stolen, and in regards to Twitter one way to safely tweet is to use their Https:// page which is way more secure than using Http, check out the official Twitter blog post on the topic, HERE.

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