Tag-it Approach to Productivity

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If your looking for a new or different approach to making yourself more productive then you might want to check out the Tag-It approach which offers a bit more control over your tasks and how you approach them, for more on this technique check out this article, HERE.

How to Keep postive


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At times you feel like life isn’t what it should be regarding the effort you put in and you feel down well maybe what you need to do is pretend your someone else and take your own advice, check out this article that talks more about how and why this works, HERE.

Why the Death of the Masses Don’t Bother People

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You ever wonder how when a person is dead usually people are really affected by this event, but when you hear millions of people are dead your not as affected, well maybe there is some underlying logic to why we think this way, and this article has some what of an explanation as to why we think that way, for more check the article out HERE.

Get Creative by stop thinking

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If you need to get your creative juices flowing then maybe thinking and then taking a break might lead to you getting a burst of creativity, check out this article that suggest this could work for you, HERE.

Ignite your Creative Spark


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Within all of us there resides a Creative spark which in some is bursting out and with others remains hidden waiting your minds eye to awaken this part of your mind, check out this article that can get you tapping into your creative center, HERE.

Eliminate Excuses by modifying those Excuses

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What if you could get rid of the excuses that held you back in life and found a way to move forward, even though you really didn’t over come all of those perceived excuses or obstacles in your way, check out this article that has some incite on how you may be able to use the technique to improve your life, HERE.

Solving Problems with others can Bring You Together

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When you tackle an problem with a friend, there is a bond that develops as a result of the partnership that can last a life time, check out this article that talks more about this phenomenon, HERE.

Obtain Motivation as needed

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What if there was a way to power up your Motivation within at any given moment so when you need that burst of energy to complete a task, or to begin one your ready on a moments notice, well maybe you should read this article that has a way to provide motivation for yourself anytime, HERE.

Effectiveness always trumps Efficiency

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You figure your boss would like you to be more Efficient with your work load, but you might be wrong, before all else always make sure your work is Effective in regards to the function your work was suppose to perform is what I say, and so does this article HERE.

You can’t get what you don’t Ask for


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Check out this article on a simple concept, you can’t expect to get something you did not ask for or request, which is very true, check this article out with more details on this philosophy HERE.

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