How to start a Conversation with a Stranger

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It might be hard to make new friends, usually that first introduction to each other is the hardest, but maybe it can be made a bit easier if your keep this in mind when you meet new people, play dumb, it might actually work in your favor, but not foolish dumb, for more information on how this tactic can work for you, check out this article HERE.

How to avoid feeling awkward around someone you just meet

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You just meet someone and your kind of lost as to what to say to the person because you don’t know them, worse yet is you say nothing, and you’ll probably end up leaving a very bad impression on them, check out this article with a tip on how to deal with new people, HERE.

Improving Social Skills VIA Reading Fiction?

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This might sound outlandish to some but perhaps reading more fiction taking yourself into far and away situations might actually improve the reality you live in and the way we socially interact with each other, check out this article for more detail on the topic, HERE.

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