Interested in the Newest Firefox code, Check out Aurora

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So I was one of those folks that used the “Mindfield” versions of Firefox when it was going thru the Beta stages of Firefox 4, but that sometimes can be unstable, so can nightly builds of the browser, but yet you might want to see what Mozilla has in store for Firefox, well thats where “Aurora” comes in a version of Firefox that is in between the Nightly and Beta versions of the program, Its a more stable version of the browser, check out more information, HERE.

Software Updates: Firefox 4 Beta 10, CCleaner 3.03, LibreOffice 3.3

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So here are a few new software releases that look promising and if your using these programs you probably should upgrade right away, Firefox is coming close to going into RC, although the speed is great Firefox 4 is still having Add-on issue, crashed once, CCleaner hopefully working on there programs Windows temp files issues, and LibreOffice is a breath of life into the OpenOffice product line.

Firefox 4 Beta 10




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