Get some Extra Data about your Gmail Account Using Gmail Meter

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When it comes to checking the statistics of your Gmail account, you might be a bit lost as to how you might go about doing this, well you might want to check out the  Gmail Meter for the 411 on your Gmail account, for more check out Gmail Meter.

Living longer by being aware of Statistics

A view of the Cass County Local history Library

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We all want to live longer but this article details the top 10 ways we die in an attempt to avoid these common pitfalls for humans, interested in living longer, then you need to check this article out HERE.

How To Read Statistics

I created this graph from UK National Statisti...

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So statistics are used everywhere, and they seem to always give these great pieces of information about things we otherwise probably wouldn’t be aware of such as trends, habits, and other data about life. The probably with statistics is that they are numbers, and if you know how to present numbers, you can make the numbers say something that perhaps isn’t that accurate. Check this article i found pretty interesting on how to interpret statistics.

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