TiVo Stream joins your iOS device into your TiVo Premium World

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If you are currently a premium TiVo user, you’ll be pleased to note the new TiVo Stream feature which will take your saved or streaming video and have it sent to your iOS device of you so choose, which might be useful for those of us on the go but still want to check out that show of interest or for whatever reason if your a TiVo users you’ll probably find some way to make this feature work for you, for more check out this official post regarding TiVo Stream.

Spotify Extends Unlimited Listening Period

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With a free Spotify account you would have noticed in a matter of months certain restrictions being placed on your free account, but it would appear that Spotify isn’t ready to cut off free account holders yet from the wonders of Unlimited listening, for now free users will still enjoy this great gift from the service, for more check out the official post by Spotify HERE.

StreamToMe Offers Mac to Mac Video Streaming for Free

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If your looking for a way to Stream your movies from one Mac machine to the next or if your looking for an app that can do video conversions then you might want to take a look at the free program for Mac OS called StreamToMe.

Migrate from Spotify to GrooveShark with ToGrooveShark

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If you find that the free service Spotify offers as limiting and your looking for another free solution for you music streaming needs, then you might want to consider GrooveShark, and to make the migration easier, you might consider using the service ToGrooveShark to get you from one service to the next with ease, for more check out ToGrooveShark.

Turn Your iPad into YouTube TV, with NowBox

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If you use YouTube enough on your iPad, then you might want to consider using the program NowBox on your iPad so that you can view your YouTube videos in a better light, vastly improving the interface for the popular video streaming service, for more check out NowBox for iPad.

Spotify Premium Service Offering 30-Day Free Trial

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Perhaps you have been wanting to try one of the online music streaming services out to see if it worth the extra few dollars, well you can get a free trial run with Spotify Premium for the amazing price of free for 30 days, for more check out Spotify Premium Service.

Control your Windows Media Center with Voice

Windows Media Center controlled by WiimoteIt would indeed be cool if you could use Voice commands to control your Windows Media Center and if your willing to check out the linked article you too can gain this type of control over your Media Center making you the coolest geek your friends know, for more check out this article with the details HERE.

Find The Streaming TV Show or Movie your Looking for on Your Iphone

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Perhaps your on your commute home and you want to find a Stream for a specific thing your into watching weather that be the 70’s Show or Gone With The Wind, either way it would be neat if you could find that stream on your iPhone and you can now with the help of the iOS app Fanhattan.

CanIStream.It will Find the movie stream for the Movie your looking For

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If you don’t always find the movies your looking for on your regular Movie Streaming Service then maybe its time to broaden your horizons and start to look at different movie streaming services when looking for that movie your dying to see, and to that end you might want to consult the service CanIStream.It which will find the movie streaming service that offers the movie your looking for, for more check out CanIStream.It.

Netflix No Longer Splitting DVD and Streaming Services up

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If you thought the idea of Netflix splitting up there DVD and Streaming services was a crazy idea, so do the people at Netflix because they are now doing an about face with the dividing up services idea, and staying with the same model that has been serving customers for most of its existence, for more check out the official Netflix post HERE.

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