Google Music Out Of Beta, Ready For Prime Time Action

Google Fractal

Image by Junyu Wang | 王俊煜 via Flickr

Google Music has been out for awhile but it was just in the early stages until now, Google Music is officially out of Beta, and has ironed out a few issues while improving on the interface, among other things, for more check the Official  Google Music Blog Post.


Build your own WiFi Speakers for Streaming Music

Wi-Fi Alliance logo

Image via Wikipedia

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a set of speakers all over your house and turn on a select few or all and play music all over your house from a central location, it would be like streaming your music to any speaker in you WiFi network, well you can, with this DIY project you’ll have WiFi Speakers in no time, check out this article for more details, HERE.

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