Keep your Academic Career on Schedule with SchoolTraq

These computer run on Gentoo Linux!

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If your in school and like to have a piece of software that will help you keep track of your assignment and other important academic related items, then you might want to check out the service, SchoolTraq.

Later class Schedules can be a Negative thing

These computer run on Gentoo Linux!

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You might thing scheduling your classes for late in the day is a good thing but it might actually lead you down the road of failing classes or not doing as well as you could, check out this article that talks about late classes and how it can cost you HERE.

Odd Scholarships

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Check out this listing of some very odd Scholarships out there, you might be surprised at what scholarships are out there for students, check the listing out HERE.

Study by creating your own Tests

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Instead of re-reading a piece of text a 1,000 times you probably be better off making up some questions based on the topic and test yourself, ask your self questions in different ways, along side reading the material, I have used this and this does work well, because if you truly want to learn something remember the text is not the way, check this article with more detail on the topic HERE.

College Textbooks Online Retailers


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Well if your like me you walk into the campus book store and want to run out, matter a fact you realize you totally got life wrong you should have taken the major that would lead up to opening a college bookstore on some campus out there and just charge 10x what the books cost you! Well beat all that crap out by checkout some of these online retailers of college books to see where you might be able to save a few bucks:











Student Discount 4 Life!

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This is a most read article for all of us college graduates that can benefit from student discounts, usually you have to ask if they exist but it can mean the difference from paying $100 to paying $85 bucks for an item, check out the article out HERE.

The Ultimate Notebook?

This is a very good article for students on taking notes and setup a notebook that will be made to get the most out of the notes you take in class. Now that I am almost completed my 4 year journey, note taking is an important skill for many reasons, for learning, to review, to look back at courses you took previously to brush up on skills you need for higher level courses. Check this article out on how to setup that Ultimate Notebook, also check out this site for more student hacks!

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