Get a Tiled RSS View In Google Chrome with FeedSquares

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A RSS feed can become overwhelming if you don’t find some way to manage it, or at least view it differently than one message after another, and to do this in Google Chrome, you can use the FeedSquare Extension on your Google Reader account to get your RSS feed displayed in a Tiled format, for more check out FeedSquare Google Chrome Extension.

Feedly Adds new Views Among Other things

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When you want to gather all your News or RSS feeds into one place, then you might want to check out the service Feedly that can do this for you, for more check out Feedly.

Have your RSS Feed Read to you with WebTalks for Android

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If you are a avid user of RSS feeds to keep you up to date on topics and various information sources then you’ll benefit from the program WebTalks which will literally read your RSS feed to you on your android device, check out WebTalks for Android.

How to find RSS Feeds

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So you just entered the world of RSS Feeds, but now you need to find a feed to use, well check out this service for find RSS Feeds HERE.

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