A Federal Tax Receipt


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So this year for all those that don’t know the Federal Gov has created a Website we can all go to that will show us how are Federal tax dollars are being spent, pretty cool idea, check out the site, HERE.

Need to Fix your Tax returns use a 1040X Form

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I recently did some tax returns where I had to make some changes based on information I received after already filing my tax returns, so the solution is, file a 1040X form which amends your tax return, check more information about the form HERE.

How to securely send you sensitive Tax information to your Preparer

Tax Preparation

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So you need to ship out that W2 and other forms to a Tax Preparer, but your not so sure how to do that securely, after all a lot of information is being sent, that you wouldn’t want the wrong person to get a hold of, well check out this article that has some steps you can take to protect yourself, check the article out HERE.

Lesser known Tax Deductions

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So people are always looking for some way to lower there taxes and one way is to find deductions on things you done over the last year or tax season your filing for. Check out this article that has a list of 9 items that you can claim as a deduction on your tax return that you may not have known about, check the article out HERE.

Some States offering free E-Filing on your State Returns this year

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Usually you only get free E-filing of your Return on the Federal level, well a few states have decided to wave the E-filing fee for your State return too, which is pretty cool, This is the way it should be, we shouldn’t have to pay to file tax returns,check this list of states to see if your state is among the free file program, HERE.

How does the Tax Cuts effect you?


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And so now your heard that congress and the house have passed a tax cut bill and it should allow you to see more income next year, maybe depending who you are and your situation. If your like me and although you hear and read what is being passed but still don’t understand the direct impact it will have on your day to day life, check out this article that tries to break down the changes, HERE.

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