Bring your Paper Device Manuals into the Digital Age

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When you purchase a new device, there is always that paper manual that comes with it, that you’ll probably miss place or lose, or even if you keep it, well its just taking up space, wouldn’t it be better if your manuals were in a digital format, well check out this article that talks about how you can take your paper manual days put them behind you, for more check out this article HERE.

Conserve Energy when Charging Devices

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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We all have things that need to get charged but we are not able to watch over the device and the second it is full charge we disconnected so that we conserve energy well check out this article that provides a way to overcome this shortcoming HERE.

Learning More than one skill/subject is a Good thing

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Although I am a Technology Major that studies Network, Data Security, and Database Technologies, while in school I also managed to do some Liberal Arts, Sciences other than Physics, managed to complete a year of Accounting and get certified by the IRS as a VITA agent, which allows me to deal with different subject matter, making me more well rounded, check out this article that talks about this issue in detail, HERE.

Get NASA picture of the day archive

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This is a pretty useful article put together by the folks at Lifehacker that details the steps needed in order to download the archive of pictures on the NASA website, which is pretty cool, they always have neat images from time to time, check the article out HERE.

Remove unwanted noise from your Audio

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So you have a new audio recording from your secret mission and you need to clean the audio up before giving it to the head agent, check out this article that talks about how to clean up your audio recordings of unwanted noise, well maybe you dont have to be a secret agent to read the article HERE.

Creating a Tech-Free Room in your home

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Today you can’t get away from electronic devices, in fact there probably isnt a room in your house that doesnt have a phone, or TV, or computer, but maybe this is why sometimes it feels as if you dont actually live you just interact with devices, check out this article that explains why you should have a tech-free room, HERE.

Tips & Tricks to Save Energy

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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For so many reasons it is always a good idea to employ techniques to reduces your energy footprints, not only to save you money to but to save earth on the whole, and to preserve the world for the future, so check out this article that has some great energy saving tips you can use today, HERE.

10 Saving space Tips

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Check out this great article that offers 10 ways for people to save space in their home, if you have a small apartment or working with limited space in your place you might want to check this article out for a few space saving tips that might serve you well, check the article out HERE.

Turn your iPod Touch / iPhone into Removable Hard drive

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This is something that i knew could be done in the past VIA a jailbreak and some additional changes made by installing software VIA cydia. When i did the process about 2 years ago, for the amount of effort put in, it wasnt worth the trouble. But today check this new little program being given away for free until 12/1/10 which allows you to use your iPod devices as a Removable Hard drive, or simply put it puts the device into “Disk Mode”, check out the program HERE.

Technology Burnout?

Apparently technology can become overwhelming for some people, which can be a problem. This article talks about how you can overcome technological burnout(I’m liking this term for some reason)!

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