Track your Favorite TV shows From Google Chrome with My Episode Guide

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This is a logo owned by Google Inc. for Google Chrome. Further details: Google Chrome New Wordmark (May 21, 2011) Went Effective 7:38PM Central Time U.S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you do a lot of your computing from Google Chrome, then it would make sense to get as much information in there as possible, one of those items might be your TV show schedule, and to that end you might be served best by using the Google Chrome extension My Episode Guide so that you can keep track of your Favorite televisions show episodes from right in your browser, for more check out My Episode Guide for Google Chrome.

Does your flight have Wifi or Live TV, find out with CheapAir

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When it comes to selecting a flight there might be other matters that are important to you like does the flight offer free WiFi, or are there TV‘s for you to watch, well you can find out these types of things the next time your looking for a flight using the service CheapAir.

Turn Your iPad into YouTube TV, with NowBox

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If you use YouTube enough on your iPad, then you might want to consider using the program NowBox on your iPad so that you can view your YouTube videos in a better light, vastly improving the interface for the popular video streaming service, for more check out NowBox for iPad.

Get your Hulu & Netflix Videos in one place with Matcha.Tv

In 1998 Reed Hastings founded Netflix, the lar...

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Wouldn’t it be neat if you could manage the videos you want to watch from the Movie streaming services Hulu & Netflix from the same central location, now you can get that to some degree with the service Matcha.Tv

Keep up with your Favorite TV shows with TVRage

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If you don’t have time to live next to a TV to make sure you catch your favorite shows then you might be interested in the service TVRage which will add your favorite shows to your calendar or RSS feed to remind you when you can take a break and watch some TV, for more check out the service TVRage.

Streaming Media with Vuze

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If your a fan of the bittorrent client Vuze then you might be interested in a new feature added to the program that will allow you to stream media to your TV or other devices, check out this site for more details, HERE.

Run on your Treadmill while Watching a Race on TV


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One way to improve your experience while on a treadmill is to watch a video of a race, which will give you a view of something different than your room, and it will also motivate you some what, for more on why this might work for you, check out this article HERE.

Filtering Celebrities out of your TV

A Samsung LE26R41BD HDTV

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If you are tired of hearing about at certain celebrity or tired of hearing about them period perhaps this DIY project is just what you have been looking for, creating a filter for your TV set, check out more about this, HERE.

Kido’z TV for Kids


Check out this pretty cool service which overs Videos for kids which have been approved for the audience of minors, so parents can let their children free on the site and not have to worry about them viewing content that isn’t worthy of your child, check out more information about the service Kido’z TV.

Find the Perfect TV Size for your Room with TV Size Matters

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Your about to go out and purchase a new TV but your not sure what size of a screen you need to get to take advantage of your rooms space without getting a TV that’s just too big, well then you might want to check out this great service that can help you figure out this important question by having you upload a picture of the room, pick a scale and see what works for you, for more about the service check them out at TV Size Matters.

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