Unify your Calendar, To-Do list and Contacts Across Systems using Fruux

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If you use multiple systems, like a Windows system at work, a Mac at home, a Android on the go, then you might find it hard to find one single solution that will allow you to access your Calendar, To-Do List and contacts across all of the different systems you might use at any given time, but you can get such a solution using the free service Fruux.

Keep Track of your Goals with Accompl.sh

When your trying to keep track of your goals the good old board in your room with your goals set out in a graphic or tree perhaps is cool, but its the digital age and you should let technology help you out, and with that said you might want to check out the service Accompl.sh which can help you keep track of your goals and where you are at with them currently, for more check out the Accompl.sh.

Starred for Mac makes a To-Do list From Gmail

static vs dynamic time management systems

If you use your Emails to create a To-Do list and your a native Mac user then you’ll benefit from the program Starred which will create a To-Do list for you based on your Gmail email‘s, for more check out the program Starred for Mac.

Get more out of your To-Do list with the 3+2 Rule

If you find To-Do list a great idea, its just that you don’t end up using them properly for whatever reason, perhaps you need to use the 3+2 rule to get yourself into shape and running through your To-Do list like a joke, for more check out this article on the 3+2 Rule HERE.


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Wunderlist is a Free To-Do App for Android


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If you have been in the market for a good To-Do list type app for your Android device then you might want to give the program Wunderlist a try for Android, which also has a desktop version, for more check out Wunderlist for Android.

Manage your To-do list from Twitter with TwitDo

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If your a avid user of Twitter and you love To-Do list then you might want to marry the two things off, and get TwitDo which uses Twitter to keep your To-Do list flowing properly, for more check out the service TwitDo.

Mind Map into To-Do list, with Mind On Track

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If you have used or like the idea of using a Mind Map and to base a To-Do list off of that, then you will want to check out the program Mind On Track.

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