Gmail Offers Automatic Translation Of Emails

Gmail logo

Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Probably a feature that was a bit over due, Google has finally added Translation support to Gmail, so when you get those emails written in a language you aren’t fluent in, you can still get what the message is saying, for more on this change, check out Google’s official blog post HERE.

Facebook with now Translate Foreign languages

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If you have had a comment on you page in a different language you might be a little upset at the very least you don’t understand the comment, at the best you hate the fact Facebook hasn’t translated your comment into your native tongue, well fear not, check out the new translate feature Facebook has added to their network HERE.

Turn your iPhone into a Universal Translator with Vocre

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Image via CrunchBase

If you have longed for the day where you can speak into your device and have it translate what you said into another native language then you have just ended your long wait with the coming of the application Vocre that will achieve this goal for you, check out Vocre for the iPhone.


Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs

Google Docs

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If you have a PDF file that is in some language you have no clue how to read then you might consider opening up that file in Google Docs for a Translation, check out more on how this works, in this article HERE.

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