Get Public Transportation Access In Major Cities with Embark

Using public transport en masseIf your in another City within the US or another major city, and you need to use Public Transportation to get around for a few days, an app like Embark can be very useful in that it will give you access to maps and directions to locations your looking to head to, for more check out Embark for Android & iOS.

Find Out Where you can Go with that 2 hour Layover using Cartoo

Line 761 at layover in Westwood

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If your traveling to somewhere, and on the way you have a layover at some city for a few hours, perhaps you might be in the mood to explore the city, and get in a local site or two, but you of course don’t want to be late for your connecting flight or what have you, so use the service Cartoo to figure out where you can go using various means of travel, for more check out Cartoo.

DOT issues new rules for Airline Passenger Treatment effective 8/30/11

Seal of the United States Department of Transp...

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If your have been miss treated by an Airline then you will be pleased to know that the US DOT has decided to update the rules regarding how Airline Passengers treatment, and the consequences of airlines violating your rights as a Passenger aboard their plane, for more on what these new rules are, check out this post HERE.

Getting a Good seat on a Flight

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Everyone wants a good seat when taking a flight especially if its going to be for more than 2 or 3 hours, so why not check out this article that has some tips on how to achieve this, HERE.

Flying Versus Driving

Pierce College Library(LACCD).Pierce College L...

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Your about to take a trip but not sure if it would work out cheaper if you Drove there or if you just took a flight, well check out this great web resource that might help you make the calculation HERE.

Tips for having a great Flight

Dryden's SR-71B Blackbird, NASA 831, slices ac...

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Your about to take a flight maybe heading for a vacation or just a short business trip but never the less you should make it enjoyable, even if you have to step on a toe or two to get that treatment fit for a king, check out this article that has some tips on how to achieve that perfect flight experience, HERE.

Airline Passengers Getting Bumped Off Flights get Paid!

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX), ...

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I think this was way over due, but if you pay for a flight and when you get there the Airline carrier tells you that your seat has been taken or there is no space for you on a flight they should have to do a total refund same as if I booked a flight and didn’t show up to the seat, maybe my logic is too much for the people, but check out this article about the change in Airline policy in regards to people being bumped from flights, HERE.

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