Find your Dream Hotel with Simplehoney beta Service

World's tallest hotel

World’s tallest hotel (Photo credit: Danny McL)

For a limited time, the limit being when the service Simplehoney comes out of Beta, you can use this great service to find a hotel that you’ll love, the service attempts to only return results of hotels that have meet your requirements, for now the service is only for the San Franciso and Hawaii areas, but will expand, also note that when the service comes out of beta, it will be membership only and the cost being $100, for more check out Simplehoney.

Look at Real Shots of Hotels, Not the ones they Pony up

Web Services Picnic

Image by Dena v.d.Wal via Flickr

If your looking at Hotel’s to stay at on your next vacation, but don’t want to be duped like your last trip, checked out a Hotel’s website or promotional information, everything looks great, but the place looks nothing like the pictures, well end all these issues by checking out this great Web Service that provides real pictures of hotels, check the services homepage HERE.

Lock your Hotel Rates Now for Later is a lodging solution that off...

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this pretty cool web site that allows you to get your Hotel room rates now while being able to come back in 2 months when you really need to room and get the rates that you looked up today, sounds pretty cool, check out the services homepage HERE.

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