Use the People You Know to Find a Job using WorkFu

Employment Exhibition

Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)

When it comes to finding a New Job, chances are your probably going to land a job not because of what you know but based on who you know, and to that end you might need some assistance pooling together the untapped asset being your friends, into a job opportunity, and to achieve this you might want to enlist the service WorkFu.

Get your Local News from Twitter using Frrole Service in Certain Cities

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Twitter seems like the first place news breaks these days, with trending topics defining today’s buzz, while your twitter feed churns out various posts based on your followers, but if you want to harvest the information on twitter regarding News in your local area, you might want to try using the service Frrole, which will attempt to give you the local news in your area, that is if its one of the cities the service is currently covering, for more check out Frrole.

Rid Your Twitter Feed of Celebrity Tweets

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Twitter is probably more popular for following your favorite celebrities or personalities, but for some twitter is more of an information gathering network, perhaps you use it for communication among a select group of friends you have on the network, whatever the case, perhaps you are part of the minority that uses twitter for following more than celebrities and to that end, maybe you want to banish them from your feed altogether, well you can do this in Google Chrome by employing the extension Purge Twitter Trends.

Take Control of your Social Network Accounts with Bliss Control

Social network

Social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It can become very difficult to maintain various different profiles on different social networks, and it then can be a chore to do simple things like changing your password or uploading a new profile picture, but you can make managing those accounts a bit simpler by using the service Bliss Control.

Twicca is a Twitter Client for your Android Device

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There are tons of Twitter Clients you can use to access your Twitter account on your Android device, but one of them you may want to give a try is Twicca Twitter Client for your Android Device, which has a lot of useful features, in a nicely designed UI, for more check out Twicca for Android.

Tweet past 140 Character Limit with TwitLonger Service

Borra @AlejandroSanz el tweet en que me llama ...At times a 140 Character Tweet just isn’t enough to get across a thought on the Social Network Twitter, and it might be cool if you had a service that would allow you to get past this hurdle, and you do, check out the service TwitLonger which will in a way allow you to get past the 140 Character limit, for more check out TwitLonger.

Keep in touch with Mingly


Mingly (Photo credit: Nicole Lee)

It can be hard to keep up with all your friends and coworkers at times but with the assistance of a social network or two and a web app like Mingly staying in contact with people just got a bit easier for more check out Mingly.

Try Smartr Contacts as an Alternative Address Book for your iPhone

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If you don’t like the stock address book or contacts app that is part of your iOS device then you might want to try the alternative program Smartr Contacts for your iOS device. The program offers integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts among other features.


Use Foursquares and #mom Tag to let People Your HERE


foursquare (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

If lets say you use the Foursquare service, and you want to let someone know you have arrived or just that your HERE now, you might want to use the #mom tag with your foursquare check in to send an automated message VIA phone call or text to let people know where your at, for more check out #mom.

Choqok is a Twitter Client for Linux

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You might be at a loss when it comes to picking a Twitter Client for your Linux install, but perhaps you can find yourself again when you try the program Choqok for Linux which is a Twitter Client that does a pretty good job at bring twitter to your Linux desktop, for more check out Choqok for Linux.

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