Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise Pangolin Released

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Azərbaycan: Ubuntu-nun rəsmi loqosu. Deutsch: das offizielle Ubuntu-Logo mit Schriftzug English: Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. Español: logo de Ubuntu + marca denominativa Français : Logo officiel d'Ubuntu. Remplace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might want to check out the newest versions of Ubuntu Linux which is 12.04 named “Precise Pangolin” which sports a few new features, support for Clickpads has improved, an Improved Unity Interface, and a change in Default music player, for more check out Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise Pangolin.


Check out the Beta version of the next Version of Ubuntu Linux 12.04

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If your a fan of the Ubuntu line of Linux distros then you’ll be pleased to note that a new Beta version of Ubuntu Linux 12.04 has been released to the general public so that you can get a feel as to whats coming up in April when the OS is officially released, for more check out Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Beta.

PacApt brings Arch Linux Package Manager to Other Linux Distros

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If you ever used the Linux distro Arch Linux then you might find the PacMan interface or the package manager for Arch Linux to be really simple to use and wish it where the same for other distros of Linux, well know you can bring the PacMan action to your other distros using PacApt for Linux, for more check out PacApt.

Choqok is a Twitter Client for Linux

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You might be at a loss when it comes to picking a Twitter Client for your Linux install, but perhaps you can find yourself again when you try the program Choqok for Linux which is a Twitter Client that does a pretty good job at bring twitter to your Linux desktop, for more check out Choqok for Linux.

Okular is a PDF Viewer for Linux

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When it comes to finding programs for your Linux desktop, you might be at a lost, because most programs are free and usually nobody is trying to promote free programs they can’t get some money for promoting, but if you need a free PDF Viewer for your Linux desktop, you might want to give the program Okular a try.

Change Ubuntu Unity 11.10 into a more GNOME 2 Look

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There are many people out there that find that the new Ubuntu Unity 11.10 look is a bit off beat and they rather the look of the GNOME 2, and to that end you might want to check out this article that talks about some tweaks you can perform the get Unity back to a familiar look, for more on the details check out this article HERE.

Fix Ubuntu’s Unity Interface with MyUnity

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Ubuntu‘s Unity Interface included in the newest Distro of Ubuntu has gotten a few bad reviews due to the Unity Interface, and in specific some issues with the interface, but you can correct some of those flaws with the program MyUnity for Ubuntu.

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