Ubuntu 11.10 Released

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If you are a fan of Ubuntu then you’ll be pleased to know that a update to the popular Linux OS has been released with minor updates rather than some major changes, for more check out the Ubuntu homepage.

Lubuntu Is Ubuntu for Netbooks


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If your looking for a Operating system that is truly optimized for netbooks then you might want to give the Operating system Lubuntu a try which is just that, for more check out this article HERE.

Take Control of your Touchpad on Ubuntu OS


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If you have a notebook or a netbook and you sometimes rather disable the touchpad all together, then you might be digging through all types of settings, making matters worse, Ubuntu might have that setting buried, the solution is this pretty neat program that will make toggling your Touchpad as easy as a click, check out the program, HERE.

Get multiply Linux Distros from NetBootCD

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If your looking for a One CD solution to carrying around your favorite Linux Distro‘s then you need to check out NetbootCD which will have various versions of Linux all on one CD, it works by connecting to the net and getting the latest version of the distro you choose, for more check out NetBootCD.

Run Windows XP or Ubuntu 8 from your Browser with JPC-2

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Your trying to run a virtual copy of Windows XP without having to learn about virtualization technologies well then you might need to check out this great program that can run the operating system within your browser, the application is called JPC-2.

Ask Ubuntu Unity Lens for Answers to Ubuntu Questions

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Your new to Ubuntu and you have a few questions about things that your almost positive others have asked but you rather not have to go through tons of sites before you get to your desired answer, well then check out Ubuntu Unity Lens.

Improve Linux Boot Time

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So your using Linux and although the Boot time is usually good, your into getting things to their very most optimal state and in doing so you have come to the right place, check out this homepage that will lead you to decreasing your linux boot time, HERE.

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