Dropbox Makes Sharing your files easy with addition of Link Icon


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If your a Dropbox user, you might have noticed that you now have a chain icon next to your files, which you can share with others as a direct URL link to your Dropbox files, which makes sharing things much easier, for more check out this official Dropbox post HERE.

You can now Open your Gmail Links in Chrome

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In the past for security reasons you weren’t allowed to open up Gmail links within Google Chrome, which makes sense because a good portion of attacks happen VIA email, but now Google Chrome will allow you to open a link from your Gmail account in Google Chrome, for more on this change check out the official Google Blog Post HERE.

BloodDrop Makes Accessing Your DropBox Files on your Mac Easy

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If you use Dropbox for your file storage needs, and your Mac is your desktop at home, then you might find the program BloodDrop useful, what it does is give you the URL of your Dropbox files, making it easier to access later on or to give access to another person, for more check out BloopDrop for Mac OS.

cc:To Me is a easy way to Send Anything on the Web to your Email Inbox

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Sometimes when your on the web you come across things that you wish you could save for later, but can’t be bothered to do a whole dance just to save a URL for a little video you saw, well you can now solve this problem with a bookmarklet  called cc:To Me, with a click of a button you will have that URL in your inbox for later use, for more check out cc:To Me.

Prevent Firefox from Graying Out URLs

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If you noticed that certain URL‘s in Firefox are Grayed out and you seem not to really be able to do much to them, or really understand whats going on, then you might want to check out this tweak that will un-gray that URL out, for more check out this article HERE.

Google’s URL Shortening Service Gets Better

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Apparently Google URL Shortening services has been tweaked a bit, making it more easier to copy the URL’s you create, and an improved dashboard interface, check out the official blog post, HERE.

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