Get a Wake up call using the service WakeupDailer

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If you need to wake up on a specific day, and you rather get a phone call to wake you up, perhaps your just designed to wake up to a ringtone, then you might want to try the service WakeupDailer to give you that Wake up call, right now the service is limited to the United States or Canada.

Say No to PIPA & SOPA Bills

SOPA Resistance Day!

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Today parts of the Internet went black to protect the proposed PIPA and SOPA bills that were making its way around the US legal circus, and although the bills look like they are losing support, you still need to call up your local Congressmen or Woman and let them know that you don’t support these bills, or let them know your happy they also don’t support the bill, for more check out this site American Censorship for more details on this issue.

US Department of Labor on Facebook Helping Ppl Find Jobs

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If you are a US citizen then there are probably times in the last 4 or 5 years you wish you could choke someone from the department of Labor for the countries lack of employment, but now the folks at DOL have decided to jump on Facebook and attempt to help people by posting potential employment posts, for more check out the US Department of Labor’s Facebook page.

Check out books with your Kindle at certain Libraries

Amazon Kindle

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If your a proud owner of a Kindle then you might want to check out a book at the local library if they support checkouts with your kindle, for more on how this works and what libraries are with this program check out this article HERE.

Get good Refinancing rates

Mortgage debt

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If your looking to Refinance your home, now may be the best time to do it, and before you dive into the process you should know the current mortgage rate and home value, and then you can determine your optimal Refinancing rate, for more one how this works, check out this article, HERE.

Building A Treasury Bill Investment Ladder

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If you haven’t heard about this then don’t feel that bad neither did I but you might want to check out this type of investment and how it can benefit you, check out more about Treasury Bill Investment, HERE.

DOT issues new rules for Airline Passenger Treatment effective 8/30/11

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If your have been miss treated by an Airline then you will be pleased to know that the US DOT has decided to update the rules regarding how Airline Passengers treatment, and the consequences of airlines violating your rights as a Passenger aboard their plane, for more on what these new rules are, check out this post HERE.

When using a Credit Card Abroad keep your Passport

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You might believe that you should always keep your passport at the hotel or a safe place while on vacation, you might be better off walking with it if your on vacation outside the united states and you plan to use your credit card, check out this article that explains why this is so, HERE.

Hospital Compare finds the best Hospital according to experience

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Next time your looking for a Hospital but aren’t exactly sure which one you be best taken care at or receive a good experience perhaps you should check out the web service, Hospital Compare.

New Online Health Insurance Web Service

America's Health Insurance Plans

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Check out this new service that is similar to which will help you make a Health Insurance purchase as well as understand what exactly you are paying for, check out the Web Services homepage, HERE.

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