Change Ubuntu Unity 11.10 into a more GNOME 2 Look

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There are many people out there that find that the new Ubuntu Unity 11.10 look is a bit off beat and they rather the look of the GNOME 2, and to that end you might want to check out this article that talks about some tweaks you can perform the get Unity back to a familiar look, for more on the details check out this article HERE.

Fix Ubuntu’s Unity Interface with MyUnity

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Ubuntu‘s Unity Interface included in the newest Distro of Ubuntu has gotten a few bad reviews due to the Unity Interface, and in specific some issues with the interface, but you can correct some of those flaws with the program MyUnity for Ubuntu.

Ask Ubuntu Unity Lens for Answers to Ubuntu Questions

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Your new to Ubuntu and you have a few questions about things that your almost positive others have asked but you rather not have to go through tons of sites before you get to your desired answer, well then check out Ubuntu Unity Lens.

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