Facebook has File sharing feature to send files to Groups

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You probably have a lot of your friends on your Facebook page, and if you use groups to organize them all then you might find it easier to send files to them using the feature Facebook has recently added for its users to send files to other users, for more check out this blog post HERE.

Dropbox Update Gives Free space for Uploading Pictures from SD Cards / Smartphones


DropBox (Photo credit: darkpollo)

The latest update to the popular cloud file storage service Dropbox, offers the ability to upload SD card or smartphone pictures to your account, and also gives you some free space for doing so, for more on what’s change with your Dropbox client, check out this official post HERE.

Keep Track of your Network Activity In Windows Using NetSpeedMonitor

Windows 7 build 7600

Windows 7 build 7600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At times it might be useful to know how much of your networks bandwidth your using, and you might not be able to find that out so easily, but if your on a Windows Desktop you might want to grab the program NetSpeedMonitor to help you track down how much bandwidth your using, and you can find the information in your Task bar, for more check out NetSpeedMonitor for Windows.

Dropbox Automator Makes managing your Dropbox account a breeze

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your Dropbox account knew to post your uploaded pics to a photo sharing service you use, or post documents you upload to Google Docs, or a number of other useful little things that you usually have to do manually to manage your Dropbox account, well you can save yourself a few moments of file management using the service Dropbox Automator.

Download all your Saved Music from Google Music

次はGoogle Music Beta

Image by yoshinari via Flickr

If you have been using the service Google Music, then you might be upset that you couldn’t download all your saved music in the past, but now Google Music is allowing you to download all of your saved music, or select the tracks that you want to download, its your choice, for more check out this official Google Blog post HERE.

Have Elevator Music play when your Download / Move Files


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If you always wondered where is the elevator music when your deleting or copying a file and waiting while the blue wheel spins away transferring your files successfully, you might want to check out this program that will play music every time you have to wait for some action to complete, check out the program Instant Elevator Music.

PhotoLive downloads your Facebooks Photos

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If your a users of Chrome and you need to get access to all your Facebook Pictures by album then you might be interested in trying out PhotoLive for Chrome.

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