Plugging in your USB Device the Right way

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English: Snapshot of a Front USB port

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As USB devices become more and more common, you might sometimes have a battle inserting these various devices into the USB slots on your PC, but if you are willing to check out this article, in theory you shouldn’t every have an issue regarding plugging in USB devices into a USB port again, for more check out this article HERE.

Add a USB charger port to your Wall Outlet with RCA USB Wall Plate

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If you have a few different device you use that require a USB wire to charge it, then having a spare port on your Wall outlet might be a neat thing to have, and you can do this pretty simply by purchasing a RCA USB Wall Plate.

How to Plug in a USB Drive

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If you had a USB drive in the past that has just been a nightmare to put into the USB slot then you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to get your USB drive in the right way, the first time, HERE.

Don’t Forget your USB drive with USB Guard for Windows

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If you find yourself always forgetting your USB drive when you use a machine at work or at home, then you might want to check out the program USB Guard that will remind you with a pop up window that your Drive is still plugged in to your Windows machine, for more check out USB Guard for Windows.

Remove Labeling from USB Key or Other Devices

USB flash drive SanDisk

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So you got a USB key at some school you went as a free gift, but you hate the fact that it has the schools name or something on it, wish you could remove that branding? Well check out this article with a pretty cool DIY hack you can do to remove that label which is simply Sweet as sugar so to speak, check the details of the process HERE.

Put OSx on a Thumbdrive?

USB flash drive

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So you probably know that you can install some operating systems on a USB stick, Linux has a few flavors meant just for a USB stick, in other cases you can port a desired OS into a USB stick for bootup, and now here is a great article on how to put OSx on a thumbdrive, I will post a article on my experience when I try this out soon hopefully, check the article out HERE.


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