Firefox Aurora 14 Changes the way Plugins work and More!

This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser.

This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your a user of the web browser Mozilla Firefox, and haven’t seen anything that’s going on in the Aurora channel, you’ll be happy to note that in a upcoming update to Firefox, you’ll see an improved location bar, small UI improvements, a new Click-to-Play plugin system, among other changes, for more of whats happening on the Aurora Channel of Firefox, check out this article HERE.

Google+ Sporting a New Look, Setting up for Customized Apps/Widgets

Google+ wordmark

Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The User Interface of Google+ is a Work in progress and a big push towards a more polished, less cluttered look was ushered in recently onto the Google+ Network, where now you will find a set of controls to the left of your screen, and you can even re-arrange the widgets locations, for more on recent changes to Google+ check out this Official Blog Post.

Replace Stock iOS Calculator with a Gesture-based one

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps Gestures are the future of UI‘s and perhaps you should start getting used to using programs based on gestures, and if you want to try a simple program to test gestures out with, perhaps you might be willing to replace your stock calculator on your iOS device with the Rechner Calculator for iOS.

Give Windows 7 the Metro UI

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

Image via Wikipedia

If you are in love with the Metro UI that is part of Windows 8, and can’t wait till the official release of the OS to start having a User Interface Metro style then you might want to check out this program for Windows called Metro7.

Skype Updates its Mac Client to Version 5.5, Call UI Changes

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you use the popular service Skype on your Mac OS X Desktop then you’ll be happy to note that Skype has recently updated the Call UI of the program among other small changes to enhance the Skype experience on your Mac Desktop, for more check out Skype 5.5 for Mac OS.

Firefox 9 for Android

Image representing Firefox as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Mozilla Firefox 9 is out now for Android devices, and the real change comes for tablet users because this version of Firefox now has a new interface which has been getting some decent reviews, so it might be worth a try for tablet users as opposed to mobile users because that version of Firefox is more or less the same, for more check out Firefox 9 for Android.

Astrid To-Do List Manager Updates iOS & Android with new UI

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Some people get more done when they use a To-Do list and if you are a fan of such a technique to managing your day, or you just like the idea of having such a program handy on your Android or iOS device then you should give Astrid a try, which now has a new UI, for more check out Astrid.

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