Create a Folder for a Group of Highlighted files in Windows with Files 2 Folder

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If you do a fair amount of file management in windows explorer then you’ll probably want a few options that aren’t there out of the box, perhaps the ability to create a folder for a group of files, and you can do this fairly easily using the Windows Utility Files 2 Folder.

Rotate your Windows Background image with John’s Background Switcher

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If you find having one background very boring and which that you could have it rotate from a predefined set of images, then you might be in luck because you can get this type of functionality from a Windows program called John’s Background Switcher.

KeyTweak is a Free Key Remapper for Windows

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If you ever wanted to customize the keys on your keyboard, then your looking to Remap the function of the keys on your keyboard, and for Windows desktops, this is a pretty easy task using the free program KeyTweak.

Elpis is a Pandora Client for Windows

Ship Elpis

Ship Elpis (Photo credit: HAMACHI!)

If your looking for a potential client to access your Padora Radio account on your Windows Desktop then you might want to consider the lightweight program Elpis which will give you all the control and access to Padora you ever needed on your Windows machine, for more check out Elpis for Windows.

Get Back That Window Your mistakely Closed with UndoClose For Windows

Windows 7 build 7600

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If you ever been working on something, and you mistakenly closed a window while doing something on your desktop, it can be annoying but you can now stop pulling your hair out by using the program UndoClose for Windows which will Reopen that closed window, for more check out UndoClose.

WatchMe Gives you a Multiple Alarm Desktop Timer

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If you need a program to keep a timer for various events or just for one, you might want to check out the desktop program WatchMe for Windows.

Create Folders In Windows with Smart Folders

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

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When it comes to creating a new Folder in Windows you can sometimes expect a few seconds delay for the window for new items to populate, then you select new folder, and the process all in all feels longer than it need be, and you might be right, for a shorter experience when it comes to folder creation in Windows, check out the program Smart Folders.

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