Get Better Seating on your next Flight using the Service MySeatFinder

Japan Airlines international flight first-clas...

Japan Airlines international flight first-class seat「SUITE」.Equipped with Boeing 777-300ER 日本語: 日本航空国際線ファーストクラス「SUITE]ボーイング777-300ERに搭載 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you choose a seat for a Flight, you may have thought that it is a permanent decision that can’t be undid even if there are open seats on your flight, well you might have a different experience with your seating experience if you use the service MySeatFinder which will automatically attempt to find you a better seat, for more check out the service MySeatFinder.

Find Out Where you can Go with that 2 hour Layover using Cartoo

Line 761 at layover in Westwood

Image via Wikipedia

If your traveling to somewhere, and on the way you have a layover at some city for a few hours, perhaps you might be in the mood to explore the city, and get in a local site or two, but you of course don’t want to be late for your connecting flight or what have you, so use the service Cartoo to figure out where you can go using various means of travel, for more check out Cartoo.

Flight Delays got you Confused?


International Virtual Aviation Organisation

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This is a pretty interesting article of what to do in the event of a flight delay!

Airline Ticket Abbreviations & Their Meanings

When you look at that airline ticket you feel like asides from your name the airport name, and gate, the rest of that text is in klingon or something. The following sites offer a way to decipher the mystery, which apparently might be worth your while.

eHow To Article on boarding passes

Skyguide list of boarding passes code

Travel + Flexable Schedule = adioso?

Was poking around the web when i found this great website where you can plan trips. Nothing special about that, but what is different here is this site rewards those that are flexible with their travel arrangements, you can check the site out here!

Stop Being the Last to board a Flight!

So some of us are good at planning trips being ready for being at the airport on time etc, but I think a lot of people suffer from not being properly prepared (I am guilty of this), and with that thought we all need to check this article out on how to be on time to that flight!

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