Use your Smartphone as a Controller for Flash Based Games with WunderPlayer

The long road ahead

The long road ahead (Photo credit: coderkind)

If you want to play some flash games on your computer, you might not find it the best way to play the games, the games would probably benefit from a different means on control, and you can now use your Android or iOS device as a controller for your Flash Based Games, for more check out WunderPlayer.

OnLive to Hit GoogleTV Soon

Got mah Google TV box

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The Gaming service OnLive will now be part of GoogleTV, allowing you to stream your console games VIA GoogleTV, for more on how this will shake up your GoogleTV experience check out this article regarding the additions of OnLive to the GoogleTV service HERE.

Play New Games on a Old Laptop with an External Video Card

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If you play video games on your aging laptop and a new title that just hit that you must play requires a higher video card requirement than what you current are capable then you might want to check out this article that has a way to hack your laptop to use a external video card, for details check the article out HERE.

Vented Video Game Controller for the Sweaty

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Do your hands and Video Controller get sweaty after playing for awhile and wish you could do something about it, well this DIY project might be just for you, build a Video Game Controller that has a fan to keep it dry, sounds wild, check out this article for more details on the project, HERE.

Online Game Purchases Just got Easier

Video game station

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Check out this great Web Resource that searches multiple sites that sells that Video Game your looking for, and compares the prices so you end up with the best deal possible, check out the web site HERE.

Play Games that cause you to Learn?

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So you always like to play games but how about gaining something other than some entertainment from those games, like actually learning skills that will apply in the real world, if your interested in this type of gaming check out this great article I came across that unities the two activities, HERE.

Game Review: Civilization V (Civilization 5)

Gameplay screenshot

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For Xmas I decided it has been far too long since I have played a new game I actually liked, the last game being Civilization IV (Civ 4) no doubt which was an excellent game, with both expansion packs in play. This new version of Civilization 5 is as great a title as its predecessor. The game play has been simplified in my opinion making it easier to play for newcomers to the title. Although I liked the addition of Govt/Religion in the last Civ game, this games implementation was way easier to deal with, and not as overwhelming. The choice of civilizations is impressive, this time around you only have 1 leader per nation, also unlike previous versions of the game, new civilizations are being added by packs downloadable from the Civ 5 website. I also noticed that the general graphics of the game is much improved, also the tiling system for control of the map is different and easier to manage. The game has less units/buildings but I think that is a good thing as too much of either can become overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what each thing is for and when you should build something versus not. The game does need a 256MB Video Memory to run, and it does require a pretty decent machine to run the game, at least a 2GHz machine in my tests (my atom 1.6GHz machine couldn’t run it). Overall I think if your into a strategy game where your down to spend about 500 turns, use your mind to plan an empire, and then deal with whatever situation that might arise, Civilization 5 is a must have game.

Play Your Wii Games From External HD

SF Lindyhop

Image by Holger Motzkau via Flickr

I have tried to tell people for sometime that it doesn’t make sense to pay so much for the console out today without getting the most out of them, which in all cases (Wii, XBox, PS) means installing a Mod Chip, or some type of software hack to allow you to do other things with your system such as backing up your games for example, well check out this great guide on how you can play all your Nintendo Wii Games from a External Hard Drive, HERE.

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