Keep tabs on your Fitness plan with Fitocracy

I'm on fitocracy

I’m on fitocracy (Photo credit: billsoPHOTO)

When your trying to buff up your body, it usually would be helpful if you can track the exercise your performing, and to that end you might want to get some help from the web app Fitocracy that’s ready and able to keep track of your works outs, for more check out Fitocracy.

Edit Your Pics using the Service PicMonkey

Sinclair ZX Microdrive

Sinclair ZX Microdrive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually when it comes to photo editing software, you’ll be forced to find a program for the OS your on and use that, but now you have a Web based solution for your photo editing needs, check out the service PicMonkey.

Take your Notes with Fetchnotes Service

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

If your looking for a service that takes your Notes, syncs they to the cloud, offers a web app solution, Android and iOS access, then you might want to give the service Fetchnotes a spin, which offers all of this for a new Note taking service, for more check out Fetchnotes.

Get to know the neighbors using the webapp Nextdoor


It can be hard to get to know the neighbors around you, but there are times when it would be useful if you could communicate with them about a common interest, or perhaps to ask them something, and one way to open the lines of communication up is to use the webapp Nextdoor, which if your tech savvy neighbor is also using can be a means to get to know one another, for more check out Nextdoor.


Make Sharing Dates Easy to a Group with Short Calendar Webapp

Monket Calendar

Image via Wikipedia

If you need to let a group of people know of dates where things have to get done, deadlines, and other agenda based dates, you might want to give the Webapp Short Calendar a try for sharing the information with the group, its as simply as setting up the calendar, putting the emails of the group members in and your done, for more check out the service Short Calendar.

Keep in touch with Mingly


Mingly (Photo credit: Nicole Lee)

It can be hard to keep up with all your friends and coworkers at times but with the assistance of a social network or two and a web app like Mingly staying in contact with people just got a bit easier for more check out Mingly.

Hopper is a Simple Webapp for Sharing Files

English: 100 000-files 5-bytes each -- 400 meg...

Image via Wikipedia

If you need to quickly share a file or two for a day or for some type of temporary situation, you might want to check out the service Hopper which will allow you to store a file or something for temporary access, this is for people that don’t need permanent file storage, for more check out the Webapp Hopper.

Check out GrooveSharks new HTML5 Webapp

Image representing Grooveshark as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

If you were trying to find a way to use the music streaming service GrooveShark on your device without having to download the app, if it is available for your device (Sorry iSlave, I mean iTunes users), you can bypass all of this and check out the beta version of a HTML5 Webapp for access GrooveShark, for more check out this post HERE.

Share Websites with Bo.Lt

JV Hiking_2009 11 29_0774_edited-1.jpg

Image by CaptainJustice via Flickr

If your into creating your own custom versions of websites or sharing sites with your friends, then you might be interested in the service Bo.Lt which will allow you to share a web site and much more, check out the service Bo.Lt.

Speed up Webapp Searches with a Forward Slash

screenshot from a opensource search engine (op...

Image via Wikipedia

Did you know you could increase the speed of a search through a Webapp using a Forward Slash in your search, are you confused about what this is and how it works, well if so then check out this article that explains how this works, HERE.

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