Chrome for Android is out for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

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If you’ve been among those people waiting to see Chrome have a Android version, then the wait is over somewhat because Google Chrome for Android has been released in a Beta version, but it is only for Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich, which means less than 5% of Android users can make use of the program thus far, but I’m pretty sure that will change in the future, for more check out Chrome Beta for Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.

fPrivacy for Google Chrome is an Addon for Controlling FB Apps

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These days you hear much about Facebook based attacks, and to that end you might want to make sure the programs you use on or with Facebook aren’t in some way compromising you, and you might want to check out the Google Chrome extension fPrivacy.

Sheepish for Google Chrome Stops Websites from Tracking You

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You probably heard that Websites track your every move and click, and you have always dreamed of a way to stop websites you go to from tracking your movements, and now you can by using the Google Chrome extension Sheepish.

Google Chrome’s Ghost Incognito Learns your Private Browsing Habits for Better Experience

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Google Chrome Ghost Incognito mode is a privacy mode within Google Chrome that allows you to browse the web without leaving tracks, and how Google Chrome has enhanced the mode by improving its ability to remember the types of sites you view in this mode, for more check out this article HERE.

Create Logo’s in Chrome with Logo Maker Extension

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You work in or with Google Chrome most of the day and you want to find some type of way to use it to create your Logo’s to various things you work on, what better way to solve this issue than to grab the Logo Maker Extension for Google Chrome and start making those logo‘s within the browser itself, for more check out Logo Maker Extension for Google Chrome.

Improve Firefox’s Startup Time

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If you find that sometimes Firefox starts up a bit slow it may be a simple solution to this problem, changing the way Firefox handles tabs when it starts up, for more on how this can improve your performance, check out this article HERE.

Take Multiple Copy & Paste in Firefox with MultiCopy for Firefox

If you do a lot of copying of various lines within Firefox then you probably will benefit from a program that will allow you to do this and more, and here comes MultiCopy for Firefox.

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